KEGG FTP Academic Subscription

The KEGG FTP Academic Subscription is a paid service managed by Pathway Solutions for those academic users who wish to bulk-download KEGG data and/or to provide outside services using KEGG data (see Academic use of KEGG).

Subscription types and fees

The KEGG FTP Academic Subscription is available to academic users belonging to academic institutions for the purposes of academic research. There are three subscription types: with different subscription fees (see: price list).

How to subscribe

To obtain a subscription, please follow the instructions below.
  1. An organization may be a laboratory, a department, or an institution depending on who signs the agreement.
  2. Organizational use with service provider right is given to an individual research group, who develops and provides software tools, web services, etc. utilizing KEGG.
  3. Organizational use with the limitation of end use only may be given to a larger-scale organization, if the agreement is signed by the head of the organization.
  4. A subscription request must be made by an actual user of KEGG FTP data, whether it is for personal or organizational use. A request by a non-research group, such as a library or an IT service department, is no longer accepted.
  5. Personal use is limited to a single end user. Please select organizational use if you wish to share KEGG FTP data with other members of your laboratory.
  6. Personal use is also limited to a simple purchasing procedure. In case your institution requires a complicated procedure or requests any organizational agreement, please change to organizational use.
Then send a request using:
Request Form
After we receive your request, the following steps will be taken.
  1. You will be contacted by Pathway Solutions with necessary documents.
  2. Fill in the order form, sign the agreement, and send them back to Pathway Solutions.
  3. Your order and academic qualification will be examined, and once approved we will send you an invoice.
  4. You will be granted access to the KEGG FTP site after your payment is confirmed.
Please also note the following.
  1. We may decline your order if any irregular request or negotiation is involved.
  2. This includes any irregular request from your purchasing department.

KEGG FTP Data Content

The content of the weekly updated KEGG FTP site is shown in the following Readme files.

Inquiry to the Subscription Department

The Subscription Department no longer accepts direct emails. Please use the Inquiry Form.
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